abnormal enlargement of the fingers and toes, occurring either as a congenital abnormality or as part of an acquired disease (such as acromegaly).

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  • Pachydactyly — Thick fingers or toes. A feature, for example, of neurofibromatosis. From the Greek pachys, thick + daktylos, finger or toe. * * * Enlargement of the fingers or toes, especially extremities; often seen in neurofibromatosis. SYN: pachydactylia.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Pachy- (prefix) — Thick. As in pachydactyly (thick fingers), pachydermatous (thick fingers) and pachyonychia (thick nails). From the Greek pachys, thick …   Medical dictionary

  • pachydactylia — SYN: pachydactyly …   Medical dictionary

  • pachydactylous — Relating to or characterized by pachydactyly …   Medical dictionary

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